Hello friends,

With the new year comes new opportunities for growth, success, and new relationships. In 2015 we relocated the shop and I did an overhaul of my jig setups and really took a long hard look at how I do things and furthermore WHY I do things. I love drumming. It’s the second most important thing in my life outside of my family. My regular jobs come in somewhere like 5 and 6 of the things I really love. I know I’m passionate about making drums and building relationships with drummers and customers all over the globe. That’s been my area of weakness thus far-marketing. As a one-man operation getting the brand out and in front of the customer’s eyes has been difficult because I’m juggling a lot of aspects of the business. It’s no excuse though, the strong ones make it happen regardless of the obstacles they face.

2016 is going to be the year we conquer those obstacles and make the best things happen for Spearhead Drums and the great people for whom we get to make drums. We’re going to continue making great drums that sound and look killer. We’re going to gain some market share. We’re going to ROCK!

Keep Rockin,

CC Spearhead

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