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Welcome to the online headquarters for Spearhead Custom Drums. Services include drum shell fabrication, construction, and restoration.
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I got the chance to use the snare on a recording. It sounds so good dude Jason

-Kansas City

All finished and sounding beautiful! Tony ~ UK

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Diamond Snare Build

Diamond Snare Build

Another new build coming to a close that has really been exciting! (And tedious) This shell is 14 x 5.5 cherry and hard country maple with maple spacers. The fun part about this build came in doing the math for the diamonds. Each diamond is a total of 8 triangles with... read more

The essence of 360 degrees

Hello friends, Decided I would do some rambling of thoughts that come and go through my head when building. During the creation process it’s easy to get lost in the final outcome and trying to make something just to satisfy a certain goal. That is, going through... read more
Know your drum-stave construction

Know your drum-stave construction

Hello friends, This is going to be the first installment of blog posts discussing the makeup and composition of the drums we use. Throughout the series of posts I’ll talk about the different parts of drums and why/how things work to make great sounding drums.... read more